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We work hard to earn your trust and show you just how amazing our partnership can be. So how exactly do we accomplish lending giant helping hands to brands? By removing unauthorized sellers, yes. By optimizing your product listing with A+ content, we’ve got you covered. By growing your brand through tailor-made marketing solutions, done! Contact us and see all that Amazzia does to protect your brand and grow your sales on Amazon .

The Amazzia Way
To Being Amazing on Amazon


Remove Unauthorized Sellers

With our 90/90 guarantee we’ll remove 90% of your unauthorized sellers in 90 days or less. You’ll regain control of your brand, MAP, and be well on your way to e-commerce excellence.

24/7 Brand Monitoring

We know that it takes constant and diligent effort to maintain your brand’s image, especially online. Our team of true experts keeps a watchful eye on your brand 24/7.

Optimization & Marketing

Optimizing all parts of your product listings is key to brand growth on Amazon. We combine stellar content with focused marketing strategies to ensure your brand’s ultimate success.

True Experts, Not Software.

Partnering with Amazzia to help you navigate the automation of Amazon is as amazing as that first sip of coffee in the morning. Software products simply can’t measure up to our team’s capabilities, nor match our proven results. Unlike software, our experts’ vigilant eyes aren’t easily tricked by deceptive rogue sellers. And we don’t just identify unauthorized sellers and brand erosion, we solve the complex issue with prowess and care. Through personalized service and expert knowledge, we guide and empower brands to thrive in the Amazon 

Start to Reclaim Control of Your Brand on Amazon and Contact us.

Unauthorized sellers hurting your brand reputation? Having trouble with MAP enforcement? Frustrated by negative consumer experiences and product listing issues? Contact our superhero team of experts in Amazon brand management and let us help you grow and protect your brand on Amazon!
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